RAALINK distinguishes itself as the TOP user friendly CRM that understand the need of the orgranization and suits  to meet all the requirements

Unique CRM for Each Business

We understand that each business is unique and requires solution that is tailor made to their needs, without drastic change to the existing practices. A standard solution working effectively for a business may not work as efficiently in another business. CRM for each business varies based on the industry verticals, maturity of the organization, skills of the executives, management requirements and many other factors. RAALINK understands the intricacy of these unique requirements and each solution is customized to the extent feasible making each installations unique.

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Unlimited Users

A CRM will be a TRUE CRM only if the Users are able to interact all the Employees of the Organization to provide service to a customer or take a timely and just decision. The back office staff, accounts team, store keeper and even HR team would require to interact the customer, besides the Sales Team. Each of the department should also know the outcome of the interaction by other department on different contacts of the customer. To facilitate uninterrupted interaction RAALINK CRM is offered to all our clients with UNLIMITED NUMBER of USERS, in both hosted and premise based installations.

Change Management

  • Migration from a legacy system to CRM based system brings in sudden changes to the organizational culture besides accountability  and increased transparency to the management. RAALINK has  put in place migration plans with advanced features enabled progressively as the system matures with increased usage. RAALINK is designed such a way that the users gets the feel of reduced workload with the automated process at the first instance itself and are tempted to explore more features and start updating and adding more data, thereby the system gets working at all levels, providing the right inputs, resulting in better customer relationship.
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Integrated Dialer

The maximum customer interactions are over phone these days and the CRM is linked to the Enterprise Phone System or Auto Dialer facilitating Click to Call, Customer Page Pop-Up on Receiving call, Call Recordings linked to each telephonic interaction. A single hardware is used for RAALINK  CRM and Asterisk Phone System making huge savings in investing and maintenance for additional hardware.

Mobile App

Mobile CRM allows the User to transact with the customer at the customer site with all the right inputs from other Users at the back office. All CRM functionalities are available to the Users on the Field for them to effectively  interact with the customer facilitating the organization to provide service to the customer at their preferred location

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Strategic CRM

RAALINK, besides being an an Operational and Analytic CRM, the core functionality and logic is Strategic in nature. The Operational part of the CRM transacts with the customer on day-to-day basis and the transactions are analyzed by the Built-in Analytics Module predicts customer behavior and the next sales opportunity. The Strategic CRM module enhance the knowledge about customers and use this knowledge to improve and customize the interactions to maintain a long-term relationship with them.

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