CRM and Beyond


Get complete control over ALL the interactions with your customer at every levels in real time and with entire details never tracked so accurately before!

business process reengineering

RAALINK CRM is designed not only to automate sales processes, but help the implementing companies to re-engineer their business processes and allow them to become more flexible and have very robust functionality. This functionality creates the need to define business processes early on to ensure that your business needs are driving the software rather than the opposite.

RAALINK CRM and ERP  implementation is an opportunity to improve performance by rethinking and redesigning your processes

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organizational change management

“CRM is an attitude, not a technique or software. When CRM is misunderstood, the chances are very high that it won’t help at all”.

RAALINK firmly believes and therefore adopts a strategy in the implementation process to help the organization adjust to the drastic change the CRM solution will bring in to all aspects of the business.

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Customer Centric

We strongly believe that there is only one boss - THE CUSTOMER and the solution is designed with “THE CUSTOMER” as the Centre of Focus and all activities related to customers are mapped and presented to the users and the management.

Multilingual & Translatable

We cater for all Indian languages permitting users to create documents or comments in the local language, which can be translated to any other language.

Less plugins needed

No external Plugins or Modules are required to generate any action, task or reports from the CRM

All Business Verticals

RAALINK CRM caters for varied requirements of different Business Verticals. The Solution is Unique for each Business and customized specific to the organizational demands and necessities.

Real Time Dashboard

The solution maps every customer touch points, triggering actionable tickets and alerts at appropriate times

Easy to use interface

The User Interface is very elegantly designed making it simple for any user with no prior knowledge to use and understand the solution. The solution is designed and developed with over two decades of experience in business communication and customer care.

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