Sales Force Automation

Sales force automation made easy

minimize your documents

All Document Templates are stored at RAALINK and CRM auto-generates the required document, which can be edited, if required by the User and attached in the mail and sent to the customers at one click.

follow client payments

The Best Tool available to follow-up on Client Payments. With Android App, the Field Staff can collect payments and the same is accounted for by the Central Accounting Systems through RAALINK

automate repeating tasks

All Recurring events, whether monthly payments or visits, etc are auto generated by RAALINK CRM.

saved to the cloud

All interactions documents are saved to the Cloud CRM and can be accessed through Android App.

Sales force automation

Prospects to Customers

What happens above is tracked by RAALINK CRM. All processes involving numerous activities of arranging demo, sending proposals, meetings are recorded and monitored by RAALINK CRM, providing alerts at appropriate times for the next activity.

Once the Proposal gets Accepted by the Customer RAALINK CRM automatically updated the Lead from Prospect to Customer, facilitating Invoicing and Fincncial Transactions