CRM for All Businesses

RAALINK CRM is an approach to manage your interaction with current and potential customers, using data analysis of the history of all the interaction of the customer through telephone calls, E-mail, webchat, meetings, visits and the purchases, specifically focusing on Customer Retention  and driving the sales growth. RAALINK captures the Customer Needs to provide Organizational Responses to the queries, measure the Customer Satisfaction increase Customer Loyalty and also provide Customer Service to resolve Complaints.

Important default features

Every Feature in RAALINK CRM Software is intended to make user interactions with the Customer more effective leading to repeated sale and Customer Retention

Unlimited Users

We believe that a CRM Application should be used by every person in an organization and should not be limited to only certain number Customer Relationship Executives, just to save per user costs.

Sales Force Automation

All processes involving numerous activities of arranging demo, sending proposals, meetings are recorded and monitored by RAALINK CRM, providing alerts at appropriate times for the next activity.

CRM Dialer

Integrated Phone System in the same hardware facilitating the Call Center Activities directly from RAALINK CRM. Huge savings in additional hardware for PBX or Dialer, making RAALINK an innovative CRM Dialer 

Lead Management

The process of acquiring new customer is fully automated with the status of each leads and action plans and the sales potential is tracked. RAALINK automatically convert a prospect  to customer once the proposal gets accepted by the prospect.

Service /Ticket Management

The Support Ticket management system integrates all the tools necessary to ensure prompt and seamless resolution of customer inquiries and requests. The more you automate, the more your service reps can focus on what is important – creating exceptional customer relationships

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a complex process, but SIMPLIFIED with RAALINK CRM. The  basics are essentially same regardless of the organization’s size or type and the system takes care of the purchase and sales, warehousing, stock movement and even VIRTUAL products.

Accounting Module

The full fledged double-entry accounting module makes RAALINK more than CRM and takes care of all ERP functions for a SME. The complexities of an accounting system is simpiified by RAALINK 

Supplier Management

The enthusiasm for customer satisfaction  cannot be at the cost of poor Supplier Relationship and RAALINK treats your suppliers also with equal importance with statistics on the pricing and after sales support

Integration with All Apps

We have a strong R & D Team, whose expertise is to develop API to integrate any Third Party Software. We have successfully integrated Tally, SAP, Dynamics and few custom made applications and our R&D Team has the confidence to integrate RAALINK with any third party software.

Android App

RAALINK CRM comes with a complimentary Android App with all features of the Desktop Application. The Mobile App with Unlimited Download and Unlimited Users facilitates each staff to update the CRM, wherever they are, at their convenience.


RAALINK is more than a CRM. It maps the hierarchical structure of the Users in organization and maps the superiors for leave and special expense approvals. The employees can seek leave approvals through the Android App and all travel expenses are also linked to Google Tracks

Life Cycle Management

The Life Cycle Management of product and after sales support is the most important aspect of RAALINK CRM. We have customized solution for product life cycle management for high service oriented products like two wheelers, generators and heavy machinery