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crm with a difference

Frequently asked questions

CRM defines the Business Process the company should adopt to acquire and retain customers. Restricting the number of users defeats the very purpose of any company investing in CRM. The organization and the CRM provider will benefit greatly by lifting all restrictions on the number of users, since the effectiveness of the CRM will be felt across the organization and appreciated by one and all. Our studies have shown the load on the server will not be affected whether there are  10 or 100 users since the no of concurrent users will vary only marginally and RAALINK is designed to accommodate any number of users and user groups

We have a  DEMO CRM which can be used for trials. Free trials with Business Data involves setting up and customizing the solution for the business and 3 Months Subscription of the Basic Plan needs to be availed to experience RAALINK.

Yes. Android App with all the versions at nominal pricing

The minimum Subscription Period is SIX Months

Yes. We have constant requirement of Python, PHP and Android Developers and Business Analysts. Resumes be sent to